Helpful Links & Phone Numbers

At Real Estate Directory, we want to help you with all of your housing needs, so we have put together a list of some helpful links and phone numbers, whether you currently rent, own a home, are looking to buy or sell, and/or a new resident to the Rochester area.

Links for Homeowners, Buyers, and Seller

Links for Renters

Links for New Tenants/Residents

Helpful Phone Numbers

  • Real Estate Directory office:  507-289-4505
  • Real Estate Directory fax:  507-289-0736
  • RED Maintenance:  507-273-8695
  • Rochester Public Utilities (electric, water/sewer):  507-280-1500
  • MN Energy (natural gas):  1-800-889-3479
  • Advanced Disposal (trash):  507-281-5850
  • Garbage Man (trash):  507-281-4285
  • Waster Management (trash):  507-732-5585
  • Sunshine Sanitation (trash):  507-281-5850